" Epiphany’16 " : NIT Trichy, October 21,2016

About  Epiphany’16 NIT Trichy Event

The Entreprenuership cell of NIT Trichy

The E-Cell of NIT Trichy is a student run Non-profit organization which has been fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in India among students for more than decade. Our major activities include Epiphany – Ideation boot camps all through the country on the same day, Ventura – an International Business Model Competition, Entrepreneurship conclave in Chennai- all leading to our Flagship extravaganza: Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

Epiphany’16 NIT Trichy Event

Epiphany’16 NIT Trichy Event

Our upcoming major outreach event is a series of Ideation Bootcamps to be held in 10 cities (Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad) on the same date(21st October), thus creating a revolutionary Entrepreneurial impulse.This outreach event is one of the biggest events of its kind in India. Epiphany was conducted in 8 cities last year(Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi and Hyderabad) and it was a resonating success. The event reached out to more than 2500 young entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts and students.

What’s in store?
Get a chance to meet expert mentors & leaders from NASSCOM, NEN, Headstart Network
Foundation and Lemon Ideas.
You can get insights from the experienced mentors in the field. Give wings to your ideas with extensive opportunities.
Chance to win prizes worth 10,000 INR
Get a chance to talk to the like-minded people from your place.
Network and participate with the teams and know about the activities & opportunities around.
It’s free of cost. Open to all.

Be there to ideate, work in teams, network with iconic mentors from NASSCOM, Headstart, Lemon Ideas and NEN. Event is free of cost.
Win prizes worth INR 10,000.


 10 Cities 1 Day 


Epiphany’16 list of cities and venue details

  • Chennai
    • IT Dept Hall, CEG Guindy
  • Bangalore
    • Karapagam college of Engineering
  • Kochi
    • CUSAT
  • Coimbatore
    • Karapagam college of Engineering
  • Delhi
    • Exposition Hall, DTU
  • Mumbai
    • Mechanical seminar hall, VJTI
  • Pune
    • AC 101, College of Engg Pune
  • Hyderabad
    • V block seminar hall, Vasavi college of engineering
  • Jaipur
    • LNMIIT (LT area)
  • Kolkata
    • Science Auditorium

Epiphany’16 Website 

Epiphany’16events contact information 

Arun Philips
Vice President | Head, Events & Initiatives
+91 8754308424

Sri Harsha Mallepudi
Treasurer | Executive Head, Events & Initiatives
+91 7708120819


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